umami and her pink snapper


this is a (very) little story about a dolphin named umami.  we've been up at peron a lot lately (with a second film crew trying to get footage of the dolphins beaching) and we run transects in between, checking back with the beach throughout the day.  while on one of those transects we came upon umami and her calf whom we've now named edamame.  they were more than boat friendly, they were following us around!  

at one point umami caught a HUGE pink snapper and proceeded to bring it right over to the boat to show off.  it was adorable.  then she broke it up and ate it!  i'm glad to know she's hunting well and teaching little edamame good life skills.
shark bay peron

we really had a great day on the water.  after seeing umami and edamame we ran into some spongers, who are always fun to hang out with.
peron shark bay australia

then we saw this cutie with his mom.  he's a super young calf and wouldn't leave mom's side.  look how little he is! look at that little face! in the second picture his eyes are closed!  he's saying "wheeeeee"!  these types of days on the water are the best!

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