shark bay skies


i've never before seen sunsets, sunrises, beautiful rainbows, or unusual clouded horizons like i've seen in this bay.  there must be some weird combination of latitude, water reflection, weather patterns, and lighting, but unlimited amazing skies are found here!

starting out with my favorite, this sunset was just incredible.  i took a picture thinking it wouldn't turn out, but it's actually pretty accurate and even has the moon!
^^these "mackerel" clouds are pretty common making interesting patterns and lighting ^^
^^what is happening here?  why is half of the sky grey and blah while the other half is bright and white?  i don't even understand what this is.  but it looks cool!^^
^^another example of the impressive mackerels ^^
^^even when there aren't clouds the horizon can take on a lot of beauty^^
^^and when it get's calm and you get reflections? forget about it!^^
^^sometimes the sunsets, like the first picture and this last one, leave you in awe.  people will run to the beach to get a picture and everyone is silent watching the lighting and colors rapidly change.^^

i've said before how there is a magic and energy here.  it's everywhere you look, even in the skies.

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