life lately


life lately has consisted of many indoor activities.  almost everyone i know is so over this cold weather that doesn't seem to have an end in sight.  how do we entertain ourselves?

indoor activity #1: doggie photo shoot
 ^^bella doesn't allow me to put her in costume^^

indoor activity #2: music!  we got a piano and can't stop playing it.  all day and all night.
 ^^wtf, mom^^

indoor activity #3: get out of the house and do something!  we saw violet at ford's theatre over the weekend.  the play was a lot of fun, it's a cool space, and we both recommend checking the theatre out.
come on spring, get here soon.  you can do it.

science experiment: boiling water freezing in mid air


my facebook newsfeed has been full of midwesterners trying this experiment, so i thought it would be fun to see if it was cold enough here to try it out.

when we woke up at 6am yesterday morning it was 0° farenheit.

the experiment is easy.  you boil some water, go outside, throw the water into the air, and see if it turns to snow before hitting the ground.

it seemed to work.  kind of.  the water that went really high definitely turned into snow/steam.  and the ground wasn't wet where it was thrown.  who knows.  it was fun and looked cool.
belle liked it, too.
^^so pretty^^

christmas in colorado


we spent this christmas in colorado with eric's family.  it was cold and snowy just like everywhere we have been in the last month, so i guess we're meant to be cold this winter :)

while there, we went up to eric's family condo for a few days. my brother came out and the conditions were perfect for some boarding.
holy snow, the mountains were snowy and cold.  great for boarding, but we were happy to get down from the mountains and spend some quality time with eric's family.
 ^^magnet letters x-mas gift i made for a friend^^
 ^^templates for these here^^
 as much as we love seeing family, we also love being home.  for the first day of 2014 we had our favorite breakfast with black-eyed-peas as a side and snuggled up our girls.  it's the only way to start a great day which makes it the perfect way to start a great year.
^^sister love^^
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