A Texas Wedding


My little cousin Callie got married! Wow does that make me feel old. And just saying that it makes me feel old makes me feel even older.

One of the great things about Callie's wedding was that it was outside of San Antonio, so we go to spend the weekend in SA eating Mexican food!!!!!! Saturday morning we left the babies with the family (man why don't we live near family???) and went on a double date to the river walk and the Alamo. My great great great great great grandfather Isaac Millsaps was an Alamo defender, so it's always cool to go in and find his name. The Alamo grounds are so beautiful and the weather was gorgeous. I can't put into words how invigorating it was to spend time walking around with family on a warm Texas day, tummies full with wonderful food and cold beer.
Know what else makes me feel old? That Birkenstocks are back in style. But guess what, I found ^^these babies^^ packed away from HIGH SCHOOL. So yep we are old and also I'm a hoarder.
 ^^This Canarian needs to eat here someday^^
Elodie got to spend time with her cousin Caden who is only 8 weeks older than her. Their personalities are very distinct; watching them interact is so entertaining.
Hang out time was the best, but of course the main event was the wedding! Have you ever seen such a picturesque setting for a wedding ceremony? From start to finish this wedding was stunning, just like the bride :) It was also probably the most "Texas" wedding I've been to... and that's saying something. There were cowboy boots, horses, wagons, hay, barns, antlers, a country band, taxidermy, and a huge spread that included chicken fried quail and venison chili rellenos. What a party!
Cousins everywhere! So many cousins. Elodie joined right into the group of girls and partied all night long. I said, Elodie these are your cousins, and she said, Mama I'm down to party!
Even though Elodie danced (and danced and danced) late into the evening, she was up early on Mother's day ready for more action. We spent the morning having a big family breakfast at Aunt Jane's. Mother's day with my mom and my girl and a lot of the women in the my family was so meaningful. I love them all and miss them so much and then to be able to be all in the same room drinking coffee and eating pound cake just made the day feel so very special.

Before heading to the airport, cousin Michael took us for a jeep ride to look at the Thomson's Gazelles and the Kudus. It was Elodie's first time riding out of a carseat and she was a little scared at first - until she saw an animal. Then she would throw herself out the window and yell MOOOOOOOOO. Hahahaha, those aren't cows baby girl!

Life Lately


It's been months since I've posted on here and really I just forget about it, but people keep asking for pics of Elodie, so here we go!

Elodie's cousin Caden came to visit and omg are they cute together.  I can't wait to see how their relationship develops over the years.  They both enjoyed going over to the piano and playing together.  Their combined cuteness is just too much.
 As her mom, it's hard not to gush about Elodie's personality, intelligence, and beauty growing so much with every day. She loves to walk all over the place but she's deliberate and careful in her movements; so far she's not a risk taker that runs around and falls a lot. She also loves to laugh at everything, repeat every word she can, read book after book, and kiss everything she cares about.  The kisses are so good, too. It's like every kiss gives you the feeling you get from your very first kiss and she gives them all day every day. They are addictive.
 Elodie calls all dogs "Ba" (because our dog's are Belle and Bella). We think she thought the goats were dogs :)
^^ This is a pic Jenn took on an early morning hike we did one Saturday. A new favorite.^^

We take E with us to do whatever we are doing. She's usually pretty cool and will eat whatever we eat and just hang out with our friends. Although since she's started walking, she likes to get down and cause trouble.  
 So Elodie turned 1 in December, and if I had to sum up her one-year-old self, I'd say that she's an (almost) always happy baby who loves to read, laugh, kiss, and talk. 

She says mama, dada, ba (belle/bella/dog), book, Lydia (her doll), blue, more, and boob. That's a lot of words for a 14 month old!

Sometimes when it's too quiet and I sneak into the room to check on her, she'll be sitting with a pile of books slowly reading each one. We hope her love of reading stays.
 Oh and we got a lot of snow recently :) It's the most I've ever seen - never thought we'd get more than we did in 2010, but we did! The girls didn't really even try to play in it. They went out once and then said nope and stuck to the dug out paths. We got over 25 inches and had a lot of fun playing in it for days instead of going to work.
 Poor Bella has had a hard transition over the past year. However, she seems to have found a new favorite lounging spot where she collects dropped or THROWN bites of food three times a day. It's a small consolation for her demotion, and let's be honest, she still gets tons of love.
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