oh hey, in case anybody was wondering what was going on in january and february of this year, i can tell you what was going on.  people were doing it.  and they must have been doing it a lot.  and now there are pregnant women and babies everywhere. over the last few weeks, multiple friends, a co-worker, and my own brother! have all had babies.  they were all due before me, so until now i've felt like we've had a good amount of time left.  but now... we are next.  um...WHAT DID WE DO?!  that runs through my mind about once a day when i look down at my stomach and continually ask her "wait, how will you be getting out of there again?"  because no.


in the meantime, eric and i are trying our best to do things we won't be able to do in a few weeks.  things that are harder to do with a baby outside of your body than inside of your body.  like sleeping and going to the movies.  it's a little sad that everything we really want to do, like camping or some real traveling with diving and other fun crazy stuff, is pretty much physically impossible at this point.  it seems obvious, but i didn't realize how mentally difficult it would be to be physically limited.  right now i miss feeling normal.  and i really miss being the big spoon.

a while back we planned to take a baby-moon.  we wanted to do something easy that was still exciting and new, and realized that neither of us had ever been out to assateague island in the 6/7 years we've lived here.  so last weekend we packed up the girls and headed to the outer banks.
assateague is a barrier island that's broken up into sections managed by different groups, and we spent most of our time in the national park on the northern part of the island.  in this area, about 150 feral horses roam freely and are easily seen throughout the park from your car, on the beaches, or on trails.  we've heard that in summertime the horses will frolic in the ocean to cool off.  that's something i'd like to see!  last weekend was a bit rainy and cold, so the horses were mostly on the more protected bay side.  we think the rain must have kept away tourists.  it was like we had the park to ourselves and the horses were out everywhere.  eric kept telling me i was getting too close, but i can't help it if a horse comes my way :)
chincoteague pony
chincoteague ponies
chincoteague ponies
 they definitely had a wild quality about them.  messy hair and attitudes.  they kept ramming each other and showing their teeth.  it was comical and at the same time cute.

there were no horses to be found on our beach walks, but it's just not possible to ever get enough of that salt air so we kept going back for more.  as always, bella wasn't having much fun while belle couldn't resist running into the water, especially after the sun came out.
we woke up to sunshine and had two quick stops on the way back to the beach: a visit with a goat, and the dog park!  goats are just the best.  he's smiling for the picture.
 yay, the sun!  let's run and roll!
yellow lab
basset hound
one night we made it over to ocean city and took a stroll along the board walk.  the arcade was amazing.  so much stimulation.
off the island we were just lazy.  sleeping, movies, games, snuggling the girls, and eating were about all we did.  every meal was a date.  so mission accomplished.  babymoon complete. we'll try our bests to maintain this babymoon attitude until it's go time.  
go time? wait how is this happening again? how do babies get here?!  oh crap!
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