smithsonian butterfly pavilion


snow is falling outside of my window again this morning.  is winter ever going to end? with february almost over and march quickly approaching, i think it's safe to assume that most people are daydreaming of a warm, tropical beach somewhere.

in the midst of the snow, polar vortex temperatures, and dark, windy days, i found a reprieve that transported me, at least for a little bit, to the warm, sunny tropics i've been dreaming of.  and i wanted to share it with any other dc peeps out there needing a break from the cold.

the butterfly pavilion.

since my office happens to be a block from my favorite dc museum, the museum of natural history, i frequently use lunch breaks to walk through a new exhibit or wander around the hall of oceans.  one tuesday (the day it's free), i finally made it upstairs to the butterfly pavilion and loved it.
the first few minutes, there were excited kids oooing and ahhing over the hundreds of colorful butterflies flying around and landing on heads, arms, and cameras.  but all of the kids and their parents got bored pretty quickly and left me alone with an older couple and a guy taking pictures for the rest of our 30 minute session. 
the pavilion is peaceful, quiet, and humid.  and it's easy to get up close to study each butterfly.
the best part is that it's bright and warm.  you forget where you are and it's the perfect mini escape from winter.  even if only for half an hour.

winter storm PAX


pax brought lots of snow and we spent most of the snow day shoveling and 
playing in it.  we got between 12 and 13 inches!  poor bella :)

here's a 35 second video of the girls and i having some fun.  bella's bunny hop is the best.

married life, day 311


there was no way i was going to to let day 311 of married life pass without some kind of musical celebration.  
chad sexton via pearl
311 was yesterday (211) and we paid homage to the extra special number with a long workout followed by dinner, all with the perfect musical accompaniment. there may have been some westside connection thrown in the mix.

i had a hard time picking a theme song for the day from music, my favorite of their 10 albums (#11 comes out on 311 of this year), but i suppose the most appropriate for a married life post is my stoney baby.  happy 311th day.

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