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we have a big bookshelf full of very random books that people have left in the caravan over the years.  most of them are memoirs or murder mysteries (with some weird dolphin sci-fi thrown in) and many have a copyright date pre-1990.  i'm not much of a murder mystery girl, so memoirs it is!

i really love to read and over the last few months we've had enough windy days for me to get through 12 books!  that's pretty good considering i'm usually carrying one around in my bag for the same amount of time just getting little bits in during any down time of crazy "real" life.

since there isn't much of a library to choose from, i've ended up reading a few that i would never have picked up otherwise.  there were bad, good, and surprisingly great.  once i've finished a book it's like it turns into a little trophy of accomplishment that i then get to put on the shelf with my other little book trophies.  and man do i love the feeling of finishing something.

if you're looking for a read i've ranked them (from worst to best) with links below!
oh man i did not like this book at all. i didn't really like the movie either, but the book is worse.  i know lots of people love both, but i didn't like bridget or the story or the writing.  plus there was more british humour and whatnot.

not a good story, the writing wasn't great, and i kept getting frustrated with the main character's inability to stand up for herself.  i just ended up not liking anyone in the book by the end, including her.

a funny british book i picked up at a book trade in fiji - it was kind of silly but enjoyable, and i sometimes have a hard time relating to british writing (but there were a couple of good sex scenes)

typical nicholas sparks (easy and enjoyable reading with a nice love story) although i hated the ended which i thought was not only predictable but annoying.  you read nicholas sparks for the romance not for a sad ending.

gosh i thought this book was so boring and i just kept reading and trying to get to a good part.  so many people love it and it was even made into a movie, so i think i'm missing something.  the writing was great with a complex plot and developed characters, but the story just couldn't draw me in.

so the top 7 are all great reads, i clearly didn't love 8-10

typical mitch albom, a good and fast read with lots of life lessons

this book is long but it has great classic writing (doesn't feel like it was written in 1989) and a nice, albiet strange, story.  i spent most of the book thinking it was a memoir, but it's not... thank goodness.

5. Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs
another interesting memoir, this one is particularly funny and weird (in a good way), i couldn't put it down

cool perspective and writing style, it was creative and more unique than a lot of other books

great story of an interesting life, i always enjoy reading about people's different experiences with race

really good writing/story-telling, though the story can be emotionally frustrating, but that also makes the  book better, and i wanted it to be longer...

always has been one of my favorite books and it's a pulitzer prize winner so i'm not the only one who loves it

so there you have it! my amazon account is sad right now so i need to put some orders in for when we get back and am open to suggestions.
amanda knox's memoir waiting to be heard came out while we have been away so that will be on the top of the list!

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