a day off


we live by the weather here in shark bay.  if it's windy, we stay on shore and work, and if it's not, we're out on the water.  there's always something to get caught up on or some kind of maintenance that needs to be done, so it's not too often that we just get a day off.  but everyone once in a while, a super windy day will come along after a long string of days on the water, and we'll take off at least some of the day off to relax.

i decided to use part of my day off on personal maintenance with a nice shower, freshly painted finger and toenails, and clean sun-dried laundry.  since discovering that you really can use dr. bronner's soap on everything, i've been doing just that and i must say it makes your laundry smell divine.

in the afternoon i forced eric to take a break (he's not good at taking a break when there are things left to be done) and have some coffee at the newly opened resort restaurant (where i worked the last time we were here - they've redone the whole thing).  it was nice for the two of us to get away from the group for a minute and the restaurant looks so much brighter and fun!
monkey mia
monkey mia shark bay

then eric and meg spent the evening making everyone a super special treat of homemade pizza! with meat! you know our favorite meal is pizza and salad.  and eric, as usual, made some delicious pies that were savored by all.
 ^^ i was there for moral support while eric and meg cooked ;) ... and to get bits of dough and toppings ^^
cheers to the chefs for a great meal and to a perfect end to a wonderfully relaxing day!

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