the magic of shark bay


there's something about shark bay that you could call mystical or magical.  there's so much life and energy everywhere you look.  in one day you could easily see ten different bird species (including emus), a kangaroo, dolphins, sharks, a dugong, a sea snake, lots of fish, rabbits, goats, and any number of insects and spiders.  in one day!

and when that day happens to be perfectly sunny and windless, the water turns to glass and suddenly you are surrounded by a picturesque and surreal ocean landscape.  these are the days we come here for, the days a dolphin researcher lives for.  

you can be out on the water, turn off your engine and just listen, and you are able to hear dolphin breaths in every direction from dolphins over a kilometer away that you can't even see.  you can hear conversations from other boats from far across the water.  you can see the reflection of the clouds in the water and see straight through the water to the sea floor.

we had this day a couple of days ago, and some pictures that can't really capture how cool it was are below.  one of my favorite parts of glassy water is the horizon.  you can't really tell where the sky turns into water and i think it looks like the end of the world.  it's easy to see why people thought the world was flat.  but it isn't flat, it just keeps going and changing and who knows when we'll get this kind of beautiful day again, so we stayed out as long as possible and enjoyed every second.
western australia
western australia
 ^^if there were no land you couldn't see the horizon!^^
western australia
western australia
^^probably my favorite two pics i've taken this season so far^^
shark bay australia
shark bay
^^it's getting windy again guys!^^

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