fourth of july


happy fourth of july everyone!

for some reason this holiday seems way more important when you're not in the USA.  being in the homeland eating hotdogs and watching fireworks over the potomac while feeling waves of patriotism (like we did last year) wasn't an option.  so we brought the party to the outback and had a marathon day of celebrating our country's independence.  'muricuh!

first things first: let's eat some homemade bagels! (eric makes these and they are delicious)  it was the perfect start to our american day and was followed by a team of 10 people cooking and packing up to head to the peron homestead for a day of eating, playing games, and hot tubbing.
 ^^cheers and let's get this party started!^^
 ^^robin and jeff made a beautiful (and delicious) flag cake!^^
 ^^burgers, hot dogs, cole slaw, potato chips, corn on the cob... we had a feast!^^
western australia shark bay
western australia
shark bay western australia
 sunset means three things: 1. hot tub, 2. star/satellite/planet gazing (you can see everything out here), and 3. SPARKLERS!
u.s.a. all the way :)

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