Drink the District


Saturday was a day of marathon drinking.  It served as a gentle reminder that we are not 21 anymore.
We started at Drink the District with VIP tickets getting us in at the early hour of 11AM.  We paid $30 for all you can drink, and we're so cheap we had to at least get our money's worth.
It was hotter than hell but we wisely got a covered table early on that we spent most of the day under.  We made lots of new friends who we'd take turns saving our seats with while we went to get refills and food truck snacks.
Lemongrass Truck!
There was live music, corn hole, beer pong, bear pong, lots of food, and over 40 different beers to sample.
We left around 3 and headed home for a 4 hour nap before rallying and going back into town for a friend's going away rooftop party.  It was a perfect night with views of the entire city and a lightning show is the distance.

A more interesting part of the day was the number of awesome t-shirt sightings.
First: "Don't bro me if you don't know me"
Then: "Guess what?"

The guy actually wearing the shirt was too quick for me.
And last but not least: "The Dark Side of Oz" 
We met this guy on the metro on the way home at 1am.  He was very excited that we liked his shirt.  Shirt Woot.
Another unusual tidbit learned while waiting for the train.  Who knew HIV causes belly fat?

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