Lost Dog 5K #1


Yesterday we (Bella and I) completed our first 5k ever!  Did it take us over 55 minutes? ... Maybe.  Did Bella get carried part of the way? ... Maybe she did. But we finished! And we weren't last!

The Lost Dog 5k series (a race every Friday for 4 weeks) is a fundraiser for the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.

That means we have 3 more to go!
the girls ready to go!
Belle decided she wanted to win, so she and Eric took off.  While Bella and I had a good start, it was hot.  She was pretty much done at mile marker 1 (the first water station).  We walked briskly for a  while, slowed considerably throughout the 2nd mile, and at the mile 3 water station, Bella said, screw you mom, I'm done.

It was a lonely road in front of and behind us.  We stopped for rests, drinks, and encouragement from race volunteers.  I carried Bella for a while and finally the finish line was literally in sight!  We made it!

The official time was 55 minutes 24 seconds.  We came in #188 out of #194.

Here is Bella after the race.  We were almost last, the medal ceremony was over, and people were mostly leaving.  Guess what little nugget?  There's only one way to go from here!  And we have 3 more Fridays to get better!

Meanwhile... Belle and Eric finished in 29 minutes and 50 seconds.  When Belle puts her mind to something, she succeeds!  Here's a picture of our first place girl wearing her medal!  (We might be watching too much of the Olympics)

These two dogs were dog tired!

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