5K Fridays DONE / Bella's Doppelgänger


Last night we completed the 4th 5K of the Lost Dog 5K Fridays!! Four Fridays in August... talk about dog days of summer :)

How Bella did:
Since we learned from the first race that 3 miles was really too much for Bella (and me - it's hard to carry 50 pounds for very long), for the final three we only did 2.25 miles. This worked out really nicely as we finished around the same time as Eric and Belle, and were still able to get times to see if we were improving over 3 weeks.

How Belle and Eric did:
Belle got FIRST PLACE in 2 of the 4 races in her weight class.  Her time improved each week.  We are proud parents!

Official Times for weeks 2 through 4:
Bella and Katie  37:39 net    Belle and Eric  32:59 net
   33:06 net     28:58 net
    30:57 net      26:49 net

The highlight of my evening was meeting Bella's doppelgänger, Cookie!  Cookie's mom volunteers for Lost Dog and people kept asking her if Cookie was racing.  She brought cookie down last night JUST to meet us.  MADE.MY.NIGHT.

Here's a video of Bella and me finishing the race and immediately seeing Bella's twin!
Cookie is 10, Bella is 5.

Thanks to the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation for hosting this event, Pacers for organizing the races, and to Swim Bike Run Photography for taking pictures!  Follow the link to see more from the race.

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