D.C.'s Yearly Apocalypse


2010 - Snowpocalypse
The winter after I moved here there was the Snowpocalypse.  22 inches of snow in a couple of days meant that we were stuck in our homes for almost a week.  The metro area came to a standstill and everyone slowly but surely went crazy from boredom and came down with serious cabin fever.  Playing in the snow is fun... for a while.  Then you get hungry.

2011 - Earthquake
The next summer was the earthquake.  Thankfully, as I'm terrified of earthquakes, we were out of the country.  When we returned months later, everyone was still talking about where they were and what they thought the earthquake was.  No one's mind went directly to earthquake.  They went to terrorist attacks, building construction, or dreams.  Mine would have gone to SINKHOLE!  But again, thankfully, we were here:

2012 - Massive Power Outages and Tree Damage
So THIS year, we get a storm with a huge area of power outages.  The storm came in Friday night as we were packing up our camping gear to head to the Shenandoah Mountains for the weekend with some friends.  Being from Colorado and Texas, neither of us thought much of it.  I think at some point Eric said "it's getting kind of windy out there".  Next morning we noticed the power was still out from the night before, and when we went to the car to leave realized that something was going on!
Trees. Were. EVERYWHERE.  Whatever, we went camping.  And we had a great time.  It was a cool 65-75 degrees with beautiful mountain views and great camp food.  Meanwhile, our families thought we had all perished in the storm since no one had heard from us in days and our cell phones had no service.

The storm was 4 days ago and there are still thousands of people without power.  It's predicted that everyone will have it back by FRIDAY.  For some people, that's an entire week of almost 100 degree weather.  The best part of this storm is the news interviews.  For some reason everyone's biggest concern is their milk and chicken going bad :)

Camping Highlights!
  • We hiked a very steep 3.5 mile trail down hill then back up (7 miles!)
  • Bella, our basset hound, completed this 7 mile hike - incredible!
  • While on the hike, Bella stepped on a rattlesnake!  It didn't strike, THANK GOD, and Eric (my fiance) immediately transformed into Jeff Corwin and safely moved the snake into the woods.
  • Poor Belle, our yellow lab, was so enthusiastic about hiking, she got blisters all over the bottom of her foot pads.  It was very sad. And yes we know they pretty much have the same name; it's stupid.
  • A skunk heard that we were open to animal snugglers and came to visit in the middle of the night.  We didn't let him snuggle, but were so happy he wasn't a black bear.

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