Screen on the Green


Summer in the district.  So many things to do.

Lots of cities have their version of Screen on the Green, but ours is on the national mall.  You have a view of the Capitol in front of you, and a view of the illuminated Washington Monument behind you.

Combine that with a city full of young politicians, lawyers, students, and a large number of people still working at non-profits because they haven't decided that they'd actually like to make money at some point in their lives (that includes me), and you have a great Monday night scene.  Complete with a carousel!
People show up early, bring food and blankets, hang out, and wait for the sun to set.  Before the movie begins, HBO (one of the sponsors) plays their 1983 Intro and the crowd stands and dances. I'm guessing a lot of us there were born that year :)  An old Buggs Bunny cartoon plays and then the show begins.
Last night the weather was perfect and the starts were bright.  They showed the classic It Happened One Night and I now have a new favorite movie!  It's hilarious!! And romantic :)

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