DC Brau


We finally got around to checking out DC's only brewery (the first to exist in the district in 60 years), DC Brau.  They opened in 2011 and we were excited to be able to visit while it's still in its infancy, though it's growing fast!

This was my first micro-brewery tour, and Eric says it's pretty micro.  They've already expanded and have more expansion plans, so it will be fun to see how big they get in the next few years.

Brew Room
Their 3 main beers are "The Public", an American Pale Ale, "The Corruption", a very IPA tasting IPA, and my favorite, a Belgian Pale Ale called "The Citizen".  It was light, flavorful and delicious!  All three of these are also canned!

The Public, The Corruption, The Citizen
The entire brewery has just one brew room, a small canning area, a storage area with walk in fridge, and the front bar/office where you can sample the different brews while waiting for your tour to start.  They also sell merchandise.  My favorite was the "Fermentation without Representation" shirt.  It seems this local business supports DC statehood.
The beer was tasty, and the overall vibe was great.  I kept telling Eric how being a brewmaster and the personality that goes with it seems so similar to that of dive masters or pot growers.  While on one hand there's this super technical aspect where you have to follow rules exactly and people involved are masters at what they do, on the other hand you have this laid back, mellow, mentality, where the main goal is to get the best experience you can out of your chosen activity.  People that are into these things really know their stuff and take it seriously.  If only we all enjoyed our jobs this much!  


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