dolphins leaping


seeing dolphins leap can really make your day.  we mostly get to see fins and some body, always in or through the water, so when a dolphin decides to leap 2 or 3 meters into the air, we get to see it all!  

this particular dolphin is named eden.  she is 9 years old and has not had her first calf yet, but loves to hang out with baby dolphins (she will probably have her first calf pretty soon).  she was leaping like crazy, so i was lucky enough to get a couple of shots.

one reason a dolphin will leap is to forage, like eden in the pics below.  she was chasing around schools of fish, but still needed to come up for air, so the fastest way to do this and get back under water while maintaing speed is to leap.  a lot of times when we see dolphins leaping (while foraging, being social, when they are startled, or for other reasons), they only do it two or three times.  eden leaped for us about 10 times!  and this was about 8 in the morning.  that's a good start to your day :)

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