bushwalk therapy


sometimes you just need to get your wine and your music and go for a long walk in the bush.
^^a one man dance party with my friend outkast^^
shark bay
there are 7 of us living in two small caravans and while i'm getting to know and love every person here, sometimes it's just a lot of people in a small space.  poor eric is alone with 6 women!

  there's a guy outside our main van who sneezes a lot, so eric has been named snow white and the six of us plus sneezy are his 7 dwarves.  eric probably needs a bushwalk more than i do.

it's so remote out here you can walk deep into the bush and experience total silence, solitude, and if you wait long enough, darkness.  with no light pollution you can see every single star and the entire galaxy cloud.  i saw two shooting stars on my walk!  does that happen every night and we just can't see it at home?

you can also see animal tracks and hear every bird (chiming wedgebills have the best song) and rustle in the bushes.  walking around out there just kind of brings you back from whatever bad mood you were in.  so i'm now calling it bushwalk therapy and will try to keep weekly appointments.

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