lunch on a tall ship


tall ships are what we usually think of when we think of pirates on boats with huge sails making people walk the plank.  they are beautiful ships that i think every kid probably dreams of sailing on.

the leeuwin is a learning vessel that teaches kids sailing while instilling values like responsibility and teamwork and uses challenges to inspire self-growth.  it's kind of like camp but on an awesome sailboat.

they have just finished a trip up here in the bay and invited us over for a lunch party before heading back down to perth.  we got to check out the boat up close and meet the crew.  it was a lot of fun!
tall ship
 ^^the main room where everyone eats, meets, and hangs out when not on the deck^^
 ^^6 kids to a room^^
 ^^this tiny kitchen feeds 50 people 3 meals a day^^
tall ship
tall ship
^^i think the rigging is beautiful^^

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