peron point


we've had the german film crew here to film all kinds of dolphin behaviors.  one behavior is the beaching that happens at peron point, a couple of hours north of here driving, or an hour by boat.  basically the dolphins will chase schools of mullet close to shore and then hydroplane their entire bodies up onto the beach and back into the water to catch one and eat it.  it's a very interesting and innovative behavior to see and of course film.  we went up and tried to film on two different days, but unfortunately the beachers decided not to make an appearance either day.  we still had a nice time on the boat and got to see some cool bird flocking.... if flocking is a word.
 ^^frank films the shoreline^^
 the dirt/sand up at peron is very orange-red
^^frank and [german] eric wait for beachers with the camera, but end up with bird footage^^
^^bored waiting for the beachers, andreas demonstrates how dolphins wear sponges on their beaks^^

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