spring-time state of mind


it's been so cold here.  so cold that you don't want to go outside, don't want to exercise (not that we do that any other time of year), and you just want to sit under a blanket with hot chocolate watching law and order marathons for days.  

fortunately we're too busy for that.  so instead of lounging, we've decided it will now be called spring time in our house.  the sun is out, incense is burning, music is playing, and we've been spending lots of time cooking and cleaning and pretending we can wear shorts.  who says s.a.d. can't be defeated?!
 ^^you'd think we're from cali the way we eat avocados ^^
 ^^so we're gonna try to grow some avocado trees^^
 ^^re-growing some onions^^
 ^^sweet potato treats for the girls^^
 ^^ homemade granola for brekky^^
 ^^did i mention we love avocados?^^
 ^^roasted red pepper stew with goat cheese^^
^^spring-time lunches are the best :)^^

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