puerto rico holga


i finally got the holga film developed from our puerto rico trip over 2 years ago! 

clearly i need more practice shooting with film cameras which is a little ironic since it's what we all learned how to take pictures with.  or maybe i just need to read how to use a holga, haha.  

nevertheless some of the pictures are kind of cool, and looking at them reminds me of one of the best vacations i've ever been on.  eric and i had only met about a month before we went, but somehow we both thought going on a trip with a somewhat stranger was an excellent idea.  a great way to get to see a person's true colors is to travel with them.

 we really fell in love on that island and it will always have a special place in my heart :)
bella was not in puerto rico.  i think this was the last exposure that needed to be used so we could take it to get developed :)

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