a resolution


i have only one resolution this year, and it can be summed up with this:
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the idea is to make decisions with this in mind.  it turns all of those little grey things black and white.  for example, do i want to work out today? no i don't want to. instead i'll clean or wedding plan or cook, i can work out tomorrow.  well then, i did not work out. and, for me at least, labeling something i wanted to do as did not is a pretty good motivation to just do it instead.

so we can simplify master yoda's statement with nike's:
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my hope is that at some point this mantra will just become a part of who i am and not something that needs to be repeated in my brain in order to get stuff done.  if i can apply this to everything in life, then the new word that will serve to reinforce will be: done.
just do it
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let's look to captain picard for another way to phrase it: 
captain picard
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the following photo is also very inspirational/hilarious
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and because chris pine is SO HOT such an excellent kirk:
star trek next generation
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and now... just in case the past few pics haven't brightened your day enough:
captain picard number one
image via
if these beautiful images don't resolve you into getting it done in the new year, i don't know what will!

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