hurricane sandy


sandy is coming and people are really freaking out.  we weren't taking this seriously, but then remembered that the last time there was a storm the power was out for days, and you really couldn't even call that a storm.

they're preemptively cutting down trees, people are buying up all of the water and canned food in the grocery stores, home depot is selling lots of sand bags, the government is closing, and our parents are calling to make sure we have a plan.  it's like we're going to have a hurricane or something.

so we got out camping gear out of storage.  we're ready with camp stoves, lanterns, and huge containers of water.  we also got extra dog food and cash, just in case.  i'll take any excuse to get out of work and snuggle up with my girls all day.  we even have spiced apple cider to keep us warm :)

it looks like for 2012 DC is going to have more than 1 "apocalypse"... stay tuned for updates on this madness...

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