sayonara sandy


the hurrication is over.

we were lucky here in DC. absolutely nothing happened. a few trees fell, but that happens every time it rains around here.  basically it rained for 3 days straight and got pretty windy for a few of the hours in the middle.  i was convinced the giant tree outside of our living room was going to crash through the window with every gust, but it didn't.  dang these trees can really bend a lot and not break!  my theory is that the derecho we had a couple months ago took all the weak trees out in advance.

we didn't even lose power, which i have to admit was disappointing.  it's nice to be forced to entertain yourself sometimes.  we had bored games, candles, and alcohol at the ready, but were never given the excuse to party.  i know, first world problems.

taking the girls out proved to be interesting.  we nerded out and wore bike helmets to go outside (the tree!) and would try to rush the girls into going to the bathroom.  belle didn't like the rain so she would run out and run right back in, but honey badger bella could care less as the storm brought so many smells! and she had terrible cabin fever!  standing under a giant swaying maple tree in 60 mph winds is kinda freaky, so do your business and get inside! i love my crazy nugget.

since power gives you internet, eric spent the free days writing away, so i made cookies, meatloaf, and other foods for when the power never went out, worked, caught up on my stories, started a new book, played with the girls, cleaned, napped and did everything else i could think of while slowly going out of my mind!  two days of not being able to leave the house is a long time.

as we all know, NYC and other parts of the northeast weren't as fortunate, but hopefully they'll get back up and running as quickly as possible.  my friends in the city are already bored, and it doesn't look like they're getting power back anytime soon.  at least it's cool out.

photos: the most important staple in any emergency situation and some fallen trees for your viewing pleasure.

there's a car under there

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