calling 911


it feels like i call 911 more often than most people i know.  it's always been that way, it's like i'm always in the wrong place at the wrong time.  or maybe i'm just quick to grab my phone when something goes down, even if it's just a bunch of cows out in the middle of the highway.

a couple of months ago, i called when a woman fainted at eastern market.  last week there was a wreck outside of our house.  and today i witnessed a hilarious fight!

after a lovely bike ride into work i was sitting at my desk, checking my email, and drinking my saxby's latte.  i then began hearing profanities coming from the alley outside my open window and looked out to see two guys yelling at each other.  obviously i thought to grab my phone and video the whole thing and, as it progressed into a full on punching fight, my coworker started yelling in her british accent "you two better knock it off or we're calling the cops!"  and call them we did!

the altercation progressed into kicking a car, throwing trash, and shooting glass cleaner at each other.  should i be keeping glass cleaner in my trunk to fend off attackers?!

i'm telling you, there's not much better entertainment than two grown men going at each other so early on a wednesday morning.  if this is how your days starts, i don't even want to know how the rest of it goes.

the cops showed up after these guys had driven off somewhere else to continue their disagreement.  but i had everything on video!

please enjoy this still.  i won't post the entire video since it's now been submitted as evidence? ha! gotta love this town.

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