road trippin


well in less than one month's time, eric and i will have been to more places than two people should be.  here's a map of the last 25 days.

monkey mia, perth, auckland, san fran, dallas, denver, chicago, dc, and now nyc!  once we arrived back in dallas it was time to begin our long road trip to complete the road trip circle.  back in march we started in dc and have finally arrived back home.

the drive from texas to colorado looks like this:
 lots of wind turbines and oil rigs...
 and can someone tell me if there's anything classier than take-out olive garden and sharing a corona familiar on a hotel room bed?  it was a highlight.
 yay colorado!
 ^^"mom, did we move to colorado?"^^
the drive from colorado to chicago was pretty much this the entire way:
 luckily we got to stop in chicago to visit our friend lady the beautiful dachshund :)
 back on the road the girls took turns driving.  with eleven states under our belts, we made it home!
neither of us are particularly talented at taking pictures of state welcome signs... we missed indiana, maryland, and virginia, but we tried.
^^night time driving entertainment^^

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