freo with freya


we got to spend our last few days in australia staying with some of eric's friends in perth.  they have an adorable 5 year old named freya (coolest name ever), and i was excited to get to hang out with her.  when her parents asked us to stay with her for a day, we made big plans.  obviously we pretended to be her parents the entire day.  i think we had more fun than she did :)

first stop fremantle markets!  freya had a great time looking at and touching all of the goodies for sale. the freo markets are one my favorite things about perth and we didn't have time to stop by on the way in, so i was happy to get it in on the way out.
 the most exciting part of the market was the fairies who would paint your face! freya chose a rainbow (such a great choice) followed by a rainbow ice cream.  pretty sure she didn't eat anything the whole day but sugar, but we thought it would be the best way to get a 5 year old to love us.  lots of sugar then give her back to parents! they did say we could give her anything she asked for :)
with a painted face and ice cream, it was time to enjoy a pirate sword swallowing show followed by lunch at cicerellos and a trip to the beach.
^^we ran past the ferris wheel and it was our first time as fake parents saying "no".  rides were 12 dollars!^^
^^freya and her dog tully.  thanks for showing us a great last day in australia!^^

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