auckland again


new zealand is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in the world (especially the south island).  months ago, when we were planning this whole thing, we decided that building 24 hour layovers in auckland into our trip both ways would be a great idea.  it would be a great way to see the city a couple of times, get a good flavor, be able to say you've really been there, and whet your palette for another longer trip to the islands.  i mean who goes to new zealand and doesn't visit the hobbit shire? apparently i do, and it's almost unforgivable.  next time...

when we came through a few months ago we decided to focus on ponsonby.  this time around we went for downtown.  i had been wanting to check out the auckland art museum and eric hadn't been downtown in years so he was up for another visit.  well auckland is a 6 or 7 hour flight from perth and i still don't know what the time difference is, but we left at 7pm and arrived at 5am so we were tired and confused.  plus it was the end of our trip and we really just wanted to be home, not spending a tired confused day in a city that we didn't really have a lot of time to invest in.  nevertheless, we got ourselves  motivated and went for it.
after the museum we walked around downtown for a while.
that's when i saw this mexican restaurant and fell in love withe the colors they used.  if we ever get a kitchen, these colors are my plan for it!  i would never think to put that many bold colors all together in one place, but it looks so fun.
this is about the time we decided that we had put in a good effort, but how much are you really enjoying yourselves when you sit down for a minute on a park bench and both of you wake up 20 minutes later wondering where you are?
it was clearly time to get some comfort food and make our way back to the airport.  what's more comforting than pho and bubble tea?  yum.
new zealand has so much more to offer than auckland, which we really enjoyed.   don't worry hobbit shire, we'll make our way back. 

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