autumn leaves


the leaves around town have been changing into the most beautiful colors over the last few weeks.  and now they are falling.  all of them are falling. 
and now our yard's got a leaf problem :)
 we've never had to deal with this many leaves before.  in texas and colorado they fall year round and you just mow over them.  i guess we could have mowed these into mulch too, but then we wouldn't have had a giant pile of leaves to play in.  and we wouldn't get to use the blower.
 the leaves seemed to make a comfortable bed.  they didn't try to escape.  and blowing the yard must have stirred up lots of good smells.  bella had her nose in the air most of time she was outside with us.  her little nose held up high and twitching to catch the scents is one of the cutest things she does.  you can see the bliss on her face as she enjoys two of her favorite things: sunshine and smells.

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