a diy quilt for norah


not much has been going on around here.  it got cold, and that means no one in this house wants to do anything.  it can get pretty depressing in the cold months, but i've found that one of the best ways to make it through is to learn as many new crafts as possible.

we also do a lot of movie watching.  hot chocolate and comedies are a great way to deal.
so you get the picture, it's been dark and cold a lot lately.  meanwhile, rebecca took norah to texas for what seemed like forever and we missed her cute little face so much that i decided to make her a baby blanket.  some pictures of the process are below.
about this project:
- the internet tutorial said this could be completed in an evening and that is a lie.
- eric got me a sewing machine for my bday and this is my first project
- as in my very first sewing project (other than the 15 napkins i made from a sheet in order to learn how to thread the machine, use the pedal, etc)

please do not judge - it's all i can do to sew in a semi straight line.  and i'm pretty sure i had the wrong foot on the whole time.  who knows, there are plenty of mistakes but someone told me the mistakes were good luck, so this is the luckiest blanket out there :)
and the practice napkins:
many a napkin does one sheet make.

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