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In between multiple bouts of pink eye, stomach viruses, and colds, life lately has been a fun beginning of summer with Elodie.  She's pretty easy to keep entertained since she's literally never experienced summer before.  Everything is new and exciting, which makes it new and exciting for us, too.

Eric has a new study site in the works, so we've spent a lot of time working on logistics for it like buying a boat and getting gear ordered.  We also had the "chore" of going down to the Northern Neck to check out the area and the crew housing for when they're in the field.    Can you really call something this nice a field site?
^ ^Eric watching the osprey nest while Elodie naps^^
^^ Out on a friend's boat scouting for dolphins^^

Our friends Kevin and Lo came for a Memorial Day visit.  It was probably one of the most patriotic Memorial Day weekends I've ever had - we went to both the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum and Arlington Cemetery.  Neither of us had ever been to the cemetery even though we drive past it almost every day.  I was most surprised at how big it is, there are so so many graves.

Otherwise, we've been out and about enjoying the weather with friends, and trying to get Elodie used to playing in water.  She's not so sure about it, especially when it's too cold!
 ^^first ride on an electric horse^^
 ^^making out at the splash pad, she's delicious^^
 ^^"Oh, we're all getting in the pool? Ok I'll get in, too"^^
Cara's neighborhood had a block party and thanks to Anthony we have a family picture!

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