Pregnancy Time Lapse


Wishing a happy New Year to Everyone!

I've always thought these pregnancy time lapse videos were fun, so we made one of our own and decided to share.  Eric didn't cut his hair or shave for nine months while I grew my belly.

It's still hard to believe our human baby girl came from my body.  Kind of doesn't seem real.  Like there is a complete disassociation happening: we got a baby, and I had to go to the hospital for some weird thing, but do those have anything to do with each other?  Pregnancy is strange and beautiful.

Our little love is a month old today, on New Years Day, and we were so happy to ring in the new year with her all night long :)  Best midnight kiss ever.  A happy new year indeed.


  1. Awesome video! Almost brought Allie to tears. Hope you guys washed those clothes over the months ;-)

    Can't wait to see you all!

    1. Thanks Chris! That's so sweet, glad Allie liked it :) Can't wait to see yall too and for you both to meet Elle. Hope your holidays were great!!

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