ah summer.  my favorite season is finally here.  dc completely skipped spring.  it was just cold for a really long time, then a little chilly, and now it's in the 90s.

weekends these days are the best.  they're all day fun in the sun.  last weekend norah came over for a pool party.  she was so cute splashing around her little pool.
 weekdays have also gotten more relaxing.  the days are long so you feel like you have so much more time to get things done.

a very nice summer afternoon routine has begun to develop.  i get home, switch my pumps out for crocs, and head outside to check out our garden's progress.  as usual, it looks like everything has grown five inches overnight.  with all the rain we've had the growth is getting out of control! then, like clockwork, the ice cream truck goes up and down the street and i once again get its song stuck in my head for the evening.  the girls like to run around the yard, do some rolling, and eat some grass.  the other day we made clover necklaces and crowns for the girls' heads.  they were happy enough to help pick the clover flowers, but didn't really like wearing them :)
basset hound
yellow lab
at some point after checking all of the garden beds and playing in the grass, we head up to the porch to sit and enjoy how quiet and peaceful our yard is while drinking some cool lemonade.  it's so easy to sit and do absolutely nothing until it's just about time to throw dinner on the grill.  to top it off, after dinner the fireflies have started coming out, twinkling over the darkened lawn.

why can't it always be summer?

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