playa del carmen


mexico.  can we please move to mexico? please? it just feels like home.

we've just returned from a very relaxing family vacation celebrating eric's mom's birthday.  i've been to mexico a few times, but never to a resort or touristy town.  this trip to mexico was all-inclusive and in the riviera maya, both firsts for me, and, admittedly, i was pleasantly surprised.  i've always been a little snobby about it.  like, if you're going to spend money to fly somewhere and stay somewhere, why don't you experience their culture and wildlife instead of just drinking by the pool in a fancy hotel - you can do that anywhere.

well i'm here to tell you that i finally get it.  boy was i wrong.
not only is drinking/eating whatever and whenever you want, by the pool or at the beach, wonderfully easy and fabulous, there is still plenty of culture and adventure around to experience if you want to.

what is a truly relaxing vacation meant for if not to completely escape and relax?  no decisions or thoughts are required past check-in; it's the time to check-out of reality.  perfection.  and, for me, a truly new experience, which in and of itself is something to be appreciated. the same time, you know we can't go too long without needing to get out of the hotel and explore; do something local.  we succeeded big time by going on a couple of cave dives in the cenotes, something we've both been wanting to try for a while.  i think i'll save the dives for another post soon.  they were literally out of this world.

overall the trip was perfect.  i love eric's family, the food, the hotel, the beach, the weather; the people of the yucatan peninsula were wonderful.  we've always thought our expatriation would be in puerto rico.... now we've got another option :)

thank you patty for including us in your fantastic birthday celebration!
playa del carmen
^^hand-rolled cigars every evening^^
^^before and after braiding fun^^

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