winter storm dion


there's no doubt that winter is here.  the whole country is freezing cold!  

i don't know how it is already december, the year has disappeared before my eyes.  and it wouldn't be december in dc without some interesting winter weather.  we had some lovely snow sunday morning that turned into lots of ice overnight, and by monday morning our yard had transformed into a surreal ice-scape.

i went outside to check out the all of the ice, and it was actually very beautiful.  the ice had evenly applied a shiny glistening layer of itself all over every branch and berry.  so i took some pics of course, and they are below.  the girls are loving crunching their paws through to the grass and then smelling whatever scents they release under their feet.

it's so humid here, i know the ice and snow won't last long and will soon turn into the dirty mush we always complain about.  but i'm glad this storm is providing some short lived beauty.

 when it started snowing on sunday, i tried out a macro technique i saw online to take snowflake pictures.  it didn't work, but i did get this picture of a frozen bee that i thought was interesting.   poor bee.
 ^^this is part of a huge tree that fell into our backyard and broke the fence.  that should be fun to clean up.^^
after the ice came the snow, and it just keeps coming.  it got me a snow day off of work and we've been playing outside lots today.  i even built a snow woman.
eric's in new zealand, so she's my new friend.  sad i know.  but he'll be back just in time for her to melt.  and just in time to help me clean up these huge pieces of tree that crashed into the yard yesterday.
our ice-scape has turned into a winter wonderland and we are loving it.
and in other wintery news, our tree is up!  we don't really do too much decorating, but the tree and the snow sure make it feel like christmas.

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