dog days


dog days is back!  every end of summer, the arlington county pools stay open for an extra weekend for dogs to come swim and play.  it's one of my absolute favorite things to do all year long.
last year was so much fun, the girls had a blast.  and this year was no different :)
bella did her usual thing of chasing other dogs, avoiding the water, and meeting everyone should could. 
basset hound running
yalla, who went camping with us a few weeks ago, was also there and had a great time splashing around with any dog that would play with her.
running dog
meanwhile, belle's lab instincts were out in rare form; she was in and out of that water like a fish!
eric would throw the tennis ball in and belle would leap in after it, but she would leap SO high.  you could hear people say "whoa! did you see that dog jump?!"  "man, that dog just got some air!"
it was a proud moment!  she's air belle. 
lab in pool
lab jumping into pool
yellow lab swimming
and because dogs are hilarious, here are two other funny pics i got of dogs being dogs.
black lab swimming

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