test tube vases


we're a little over 4 months out, so i've been working on little details for the wedding.  i want to incorporate things from the arts and sciences in what i hope will end up being a natural, comfortable but romantic vibe.

that said, i ordered 1000 test tubes and this test tube chandelier.  it turns out that test tubes make really cool decorations. 
i grouped some test tubes together and tied them with twine.  i think it just looks like a vase until you notice the test tubes.  
i've also been experimenting with paper flowers, confetti, and garland made out of sheet music, and playing with different materials to see what can be done, like burlap, twine, craft paper, and doilies.

here is a twine wrapped vase i made inspired by someone on pinterest.
oh my goodness so much stuff has to get done in the next 138 days!

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